Our History

Kingsview Village Seventh-day Adventist church, with 250 charter members, opened its doors on September 11, 1965 after approximately one year of construction. This was the culmination of planning that began in 1957. Pastor Mustard was the first minister of this congregation made up of Europeans and Canadians.

Many of the members resided in the immediate neighbourhood and had a connection with those who lived in the area. This was evidenced in the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) program that was attended by children from the vicinity. It was normal for there to be up to forty or more children in attendance each day that VBS ran.

In 1968, a local German-speaking congregation was invited to worship with the Kingsview congregation. The church accommodated them by providing them with earphones so that they could hear the sermons translated simultaneously into German each week.

The church family was vibrant and eager to do the Lord’s work. Ingathering and Investment sales were major events that everyone looked forward to. Saturday night socials were always guaranteed to meet the needs of all who attended, and a consistently full social hall was a testament to their success of these social events.

From the mid-70s to the mid-80s, as the demographics of the country changed, so did that of Kingsview. Members moved from the immediate community to the suburbs and beyond while others who were new to the city joined the congregation.

The community around the church was also changing, and to that end, land adjacent to the church was purchased for future use. Later, the land was subdivided and parts of it sold. The remaining land was transformed into a vegetable garden as a Sabbath School investment initiative.

Evangelistic efforts were always central to Kingsview’s existence, including holding a number of evangelistic series, sponsoring children in and sending supplies to Malawi, and undertaking outreach programs at nursing homes, in provincial correctional facilities, and on the streets of downtown Toronto through the homeless feeding program.

Kingsview Church is privileged to have had many great leaders as ministers, including some who have gone on to higher positions. Former pastors include Pastor Mustard, Pastor Dan J. Handysides, Pastor Don Donesky, Pastor Ken Corkum, Pastor Brian Juriansz, Pastor Gerhard Christiansen, Pastor Steve Petr, Pastor Arthur Zaft, Pastor Eric Juriansz, Pastor Vassel Kerr, Pastor Alan DeSilva, Pastor Derrick Nichols, Pastor Halsey Peat, Pastor Allan Chichester, Pastor Jospeh Bulgin, Pastor Hagesen, Pastor Parent, Pastor Dennis Heinz, Pastor Buursma, Pastor Rupert Gray, Pastor Mirthel Mitchell, and Pastor Winston Hurlock.

It is clear that God has blessed and guided Kingsview Village Church over its history. Our success is directly attributable to God’s grace and mercy. He prepared His people in 1965 for a great work in the community of Kingsview Village. He provided the means to carry out the commission of preaching the gospel, and He has promised that, as we remain faithful to Him, He will take us to live with Him throughout eternity.